Muslims Prayer Application for iPad

Muslims Prayer Application for iPad

Title:Muslims Prayer Application for iPad
Short Discription:This new app is designed to provide you with complete information and guidelines about the second pillar and the most important act of worship in Islam after believing that there is no God to worship but Allah (SWT) and that Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) is His messenger; performing the five obligatory prayers as per God’s order. It clarifies the Muslim Prayer’s position and virtues in Islam and other related topic in a simple and easy-to-comprehend manner.

Muslims Prayer Application for iPad
Topics include:

– Position and virtues of the Muslim Prayer (Salat).
– The five obligatory prayers and their times.
– When and how a prayer is performed.
– The pillars and obligatory acts of a prayer.
– Humility and attentiveness in a prayer.

Author: Fahd Salem Bahammam
This app consists of a user-friendly interface and a full screen mode combined with an audio feature.


– The most advanced informative Islamic app.
– Instructions on how to use the book.
– Simple guide with proof (Daleel) from the Holy Quran and authentic Sunnah.
– Different attractive illustrated images.
– Professional native voice over.
– Easily-identifiable pages with a page navigator at the bottom of each page.
– Adjustable slideshow interval and order with icons on the side of each page.
– Click-and-swipe feature.

Other apps:

– Muslim Prayer (English & French)
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– Muslim Faith (English)
– Manners in Islam (English)
– The Muslim Fasting (English)

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