How to Give Dawah

How to Give Dawah

Dawah (inviting people to Islam) is an important responsibility for all those who are guided to this beautiful religion of God.


Allah (S.W.T.) has made Da’wah (invitation to Islam) an obligation upon all Muslims. Although most Muslims do have enough knowledge to convey the basic message of Islam, they are not quite sure how to present it. islam4universe attempts to teach basic techniques.

Be polite. Don’t get angry or upset. Be calm and speak to them in the “nicest of ways.”

Say, “thank you for asking about my religion”(if they asked a question about Islam).

Declare your honesty and open mindedness. Tell them that Islam commands us to be honest and to be open minded. Tell them that you will not lie about your religion and that you are ready to accept other ideologies if they are superior to Islam.

If you don’t know the answer, say, “I don’t know.” Don’t commit sins by lying about Islam.

If you know the answer, then tell it to the person in a nice, kind way. But also remember, some questions can be worded wrongly, so deal with them first. For example, the question, “Why does God need our prayers?.” Don’t answer this one, or God will look dependent (which He is not). Tell the guy that God doesn’t need our prayers but it’s for our own good. Rephrase that question into, “Why does God want us to pray?”

Don’t insult their religion. Don’t do it, however ridiculous it may be. If they insult Allah back, the sin is on you. Understand?

Speak in an interesting fashion. Don’t be monotone and boring; tell some jokes and stories in your answer if you can. Be helpful and kind.

Ask them, “What do you think is wrong with Islam?” Then clear each misconception without getting angry.

Don’t worry if they don’t accept Islam. Allah guides whom He wills. We should only remind and not force Islam on others or cry if people don’t accept Islam.


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