Circumcision and Islam

Circumcision and Islam

Why are Muslim men circumcised? Why Afghanis and Iranis are forcing women to do similar thing? Should women be circumcised in Islaam? It is not a Fard or compulsory for a Muslim man to be circumcised. It is a Sunnah. It is Mustahab. It is encouraged. It is a Sunnah of Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh), which our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) also taught Muslim men to follow.
Even in various other religions like Judaism and Christianity, a person should be circumcised. Even though it says that the Christian do not follow. It is mentioned in the Gospel of John, Chapter 7 Verse 22, that Moses (pbuh) brought the covenant of circumcision and in the Book of Acts Chapter 7, Verse 8 that the covenant of circumcision was given and that it is mentioned in the Gospel of Luke, Chapter 2 Verse 21 that Jesus Christ (pbuh) was circumcised on the eighth day. Inspite of this, the Christians do not follow the law of circumcision.

What are the scientific reasons, the logical reasons: Why a man should be circumcised? Normally in circumcision the profuse or the fore skin of the male organ, the excess skin is cut, which prevents several diseases. For example a person who is not circumcised he has chances of having phymosis the meitis, the opening of the prepuse it can get narrowed and there can be difficulty in mixtuating i.e. urination. There can be paraphynosis if the prepuse is construited it will be tight. Once it is inserted it do not go back to normal position. There can inflammation of the glands.It can be swollen. It can paraphinosio. It can lead to aversion of skin. There are several cases which I as a doctor that the prefuse get stuck even on the zip of the trouser. That causes ulceration. It is quite common. So if you are not circumcised there are chances of several diseases. There can even be inflammations of the profuse called…….The inflammation of the glands is called as……. The inflammation of both together the glands and the profuse…. Which is again very painful. There are chances of a person who is not circumcised he can have carcinoma, cancer of the penis. You know why? It is due to unhygienic conditions It can cause carcinoma of the penis which is a situation which is very dreadful. Imagine cancer of the penis. The life can be spoiled. The chances that they can be ….in the …..because in the embryonic stage when the infant is small, if we do not have cleaning of the prepuse, the chances are stone can develop. There are various diseases, which can be associated if a man is not circumcised like genital herpes. There can be gangrene Gowiherle* there can be Lymph Gowiherle*, even the wife of the man who is not circumcised has chances of getting affected. Several medical reports which had appeared in the Indian papers several times that there are high chances of the cancer of the cervix of the woman who is the wife of an uncircumcised man. She can have a similar disease like genitor herpes, * , * , that is the reason in America today though the lavish people. Muslims have a religious practice of having their child circumcised. There is hardly a small percentage of the American population who do not circumcise yet more than 50% of the children the moment they are born, are circumcised.

Doctors ask the first thing, “do you want your son to be circumcised?” Yes or No? And more than 50% of the children are circumcised. These are a few reasons why Islaam has asked a man to get circumcised and Wallahu Alam, Allaah knows the other reasons.

As you have also asked why Afghanis and Iranis are forcing women to do similar thing? Should women be circumcised in Islaam?

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said this to a woman in Medina who preformed circumcision on females: Sunan Abu Dawud, Book 41, Number 5251: Narrated Umm Atiyyah al-Ansariyyah: A woman used to perform circumcision in Medina. The Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) said to her: Do not cut severely as that is better for a woman and more desirable for a husband.

First what has to be understood is what is meant by female circumcision in Islaam. It is not the removal of the clitoris that Islaam calls for rather the removal of the foreskin that covers the clitoris just as in male circumcision with the removal of foreskin.

As the Prophet said “Do not cut severely as that is better for a woman and more desirable for a husband.” the Prophet is telling the women to leave that which is desirable for both the woman and her husband.

Secondly, we must not confuse mutilation with Islaamic female circumcision. There are some individuals who mutilate womens private parts in the name of Islaam however this does not make it Islaamic. As shown above, Islaam does not call for the removal a womens sexual desire, what was practiced in the time of the Prophet was for from mutilation.

So it is optional but if a woman has to be circumcised it should be not done excessively which is done in many Muslim countries that can cause loss to her health, loss to her sexual pleasure. Some thing with a man he should not be excessively circumcised it will cause problem. Similarly for the woman though there are a group of scholars who say a woman should be circumcised. It is Mustahab (it is preferable) Some group of scholars who say no it is Mubah so it is optional. There are differences of opinion. There are Ahaadeeth based on this that they say but there is no clear cut evidence that it should be done or it should not be done.

If the extra skin is so bad then why does Allaah Taala gives it to us. The way you have said it seems almost all uncircumcised men should have diseases. What statistics do we have. If the foreskin is so bad why did Allaah Taala give it to us. The best answer is Wallah u Aallam.

There is medical research done on this by Dr. Brian J. Morris a detailed Article with lots of statistics “THE MEDICAL BENEFITS FROM CIRCUMCISION”

But we for sure know that Allaah (swt) wants to test you whether you follow or hate? You ask me if pork causes so many diseases, why does Allaah (swt) create pork. Wallahu Allam. I say it’s the best scavenger that I know God has produced. That is not the right answer. May be Wallahu Allam.

What we believe is Atiullah wa Attiul Rasool. Obey Allaah and obey the Messenger. It is a test for us. and we are more hygienic also that, itself proves that the non Muslims do not take water, after urinating and plus they are uncircumcised, more chances of itchiness and inflammation are there they have this problem it is there not that it not there Click this link and Read this Article for more details


One thought on “Circumcision and Islam

  1. There are many sayings of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) to show the important place, circumcision, whether of males or females, occupies in Islam. Among these traditions is the one where the Prophet is reported to have declared circumcision (khitan) to be sunnat for men and ennobling for women (Baihaqi).
    He is also known to have declared that the bath (following sexual intercourse without which no prayer is valid) becomes obligatory when both the circumcised parts meet (Tirmidhi). The fact that the Prophet defined sexual intercourse as the meeting of the male and female circumcised parts (khitanul khitan or khitanain) when stressing on the need for the obligatory post-coital bath could be taken as pre-supposing or indicative of the obligatory nature of circumcision in the case of both males and females.
    Stronger still is his statement classing circumcision (khitan) as one of the acts characteristic of the fitra or God-given nature (Or in other words, Divinely-inspired natural inclinations of humans) such as the shaving of pubic hair, removing the hair of the armpits and the paring of nails (Bukhari) which again shows its strongly emphasized if not obligatory character in the case of both males and females. Muslim scholars are of the view that acts constituting fitra which the Prophet expected Muslims to follow are to be included in the category of wajib or obligatory.
    That the early Muslims regarded female circumcision as obligatory even for those Muslims who embraced Islam later in life is suggested by a tradition occurring in the Adab al Mufrad of Bukhari where Umm Al Muhajir is reported to have said: “I was captured with some girls from Byzantium. (Caliph) Uthman offered us Islam, but only myself and one other girl accepted Islam. Uthman said: ‘Go and circumcise them and purify them.’”
    More recently, we had Sheikh Jadul Haqq, the distinguished head of Al Azhar declaring both male and female circumcision to be obligatory religious duties (Khitan Al Banat in Fatawa Al-Islamiyyah. 1983). The fatwa by his successor Tantawi who opposed the practice cannot be taken seriously as we all know that he has pronounced a number of unislamic fatwas such as declaring bank interest halal and questioning the obligation of women wearing headscarves.
    At the same time, however, what is required in Islam, is the removal of only the prepuce of the clitoris, and not the clitoris itself as is widely believed. The Prophet told Umm Atiyyah, a lady who circumcised girls in Medina: “When you circumcise, cut plainly and do not cut severely, for it is beauty for the face and desirable for the husband” (idha khafadti fa ashimmi wa la tanhaki fa innahu ashraq li’l wajh wa ahza ind al zawj) (Abu Dawud, Al Awsat of Tabarani and Tarikh Baghdad of Al Baghdadi).
    This hadith clearly explains the procedure to be followed in the circumcision of girls. The words: “Cut plainly and do not cut severely” (ashimmi wa la tanhaki) is to be understood in the sense of removing the skin covering the clitoris, and not the clitoris. The expression “It is beauty (more properly brightness or radiance) for the face” (ashraq li’l wajh) is further proof of this as it simply means the joyous countenance of a woman, arising out of her being sexually satisfied by her husband. The idea here is that it is only with the removal of the clitoral prepuce that real sexual satisfaction could be realized. The procedure enhances sexual feeling in women during the sex act since a circumcised clitoris is much more likely to be stimulated as a result of direct oral, penile or tactile contact than the uncircumcised organ whose prepuce serves as an obstacle to direct stimulation.
    A number of religious works by the classical scholars such as Fath Al Bari by Ibn Hajar Asqalani and Sharhul Muhadhdhab of Imam Nawawi have stressed on the necessity of removing only the prepuce of the clitoris and not any part of the organ itself. It is recorded in the Majmu Al Fatawa that when Ibn Taymiyyah was asked whether the woman is circumcised, he replied: “Yes we circumcise. Her circumcision is to cut the uppermost skin (jilda) like the cock’s comb.” More recently Sheikh Jadul Haqq declared that the circumcision of females consists of the removal of the clitoral prepuce (Khitan Al Banat in Fatawa Al Islamiyya. 1983).
    Besides being a religious duty, the procedure is believed to facilitate good hygiene since the removal of the prepuce of the clitoris serves to prevent the accumulation of smegma, a foul-smelling, germ-containing cheese- like substance that collects underneath the prepuces of uncircumcised women.

    A recent study by Sitt Al Banat Khalid ‘Khitan Al-Banat Ru’ yah Sihhiyyah’ (2003) has shown that female circumcision, like male circumcision, offers considerable health benefits, such as prevention of urinary tract infections and other diseases such as cystitis affecting the female reproductive organs.
    The latest is the study Orgasmic Dysfunction Among Women at a Primary Care Setting in Malaysia. Hatta Sidi, and Marhani Midin, and Sharifah Ezat Wan Puteh, and Norni Abdullah, (2008) Asia Pacific Journal of Public Health, 20 (4) accessible which shows that being Non-Malay is a higher risk factor for Orgasmic Sexual Dysfunction in women, implying that Malay women experience less problems in achieving orgasm than non-Malay women. As you know almost all Malay women in Malaysia are circumcised (undergo hoodectomy) in contrast to non-Malay women who are not. This would suggest that hoodectomy does in fact contribute to an improved sex life in women rather than diminishing it as some argue.
    Another good reason why women need a hoodectomy (Islamic female circumcision). It can prevent cancer arising from oral sex. Here’s an interesting news item:
    US scientists said Sunday there is strong evidence linking oral sex to cancer, and urged more study of how human papillomaviruses may be to blame for a rise in oral cancer among white men. In the United States, oral cancer due to HPV infection is now more common than oral cancer from tobacco use, which remains the leading cause of such cancers in the rest of the world.
    Researchers have found a 225-percent increase in oral cancer cases in the United States from 1974 to 2007, mainly among white men, said Maura Gillison of Ohio State and we do not know the answer as to why.”University. “The rise in oral cancer in the US is predominantly among young white males
    It is obvious that the only way men can acquire the HPV virus is through the oral stimulation of one’s partner’s clitoris which allows the virus to enter the mouth. The virus no doubt is harboured in the prepuce of the clitoris just as it has been found that HPV also resides in the foreskins of males, through the transmission of which cervical cancer occurs in females. Thus a hoodectomy could, by removing the part that harbours the virus, significantly reduce or eliminate the risk of women transmitting the virus to their male partners.
    For more benefits of Islamic female circumcision also known as hoodectomy see

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