An Insight into The Realm of Jinns and Magic By Shaykh ‘Abdul’Azeez al-Bura’ee


An Insight into The Realm of Jinns and Magic – Shaykh ‘Abdul’Azeez al-Bura’ee



On Saturday 12th May, 2012, The Noble Shaykh, The Insightful Criticiser ‘Abdul’Azeez ibn Yahya al-Bura’ee (May Allaah Preserve Him), from the ‘Ulamah (scholars) of Yemen, delivered a LIVE Tele-Lecture with Muwahhideen Publications on the reality of the evil of jinns and magic and the belief of Ahl Sunnah wal Jama’ah in this affair, in contrast to the other misguided sects of Islaam.

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The Shaykh (hafidhahullaah) began his critical lecture with the the ayah as comes in the Book of Allaah, “Verily shaytaan is an enemy to you so take him as an enemy.” He reminded us that it is imperative that we are upon certainty concerning this enemy. So we must take the necessary precautions since the ability of the shaytaan to posses the human being is true; a reality that serves as a refutation of ahlul bid’ah who deny this fact.

It is upon the Muslim to take every path from the Shar’iah in staying away from such harm.Ash-shaytaan ar-Rajeem strives to inspire deviation in the Muslim. To achieve this aim, he has his helpers from among mankind and jinn.

Shaykh al-Bura’ee mentioned three schemes undertaken by the shaytaan against mankind in order to lead them astray and the ways in which we can combat these advances.

1. Causing mankind to deviate in matters of the Deen (religion).

If it has been destined by Allaah that the shaytaan overcomes you so much so that he would make you fall into sin, then hasten in your repentance to Allaah. Based on that the shaytaan can never do you any harm as long as you rush to the forgiveness of Allaah. As Allaah says in the Qur’aan, “Verily those who are Al-Muttaqoon, when an evil thought comes to them from shaytaan, they remember (Allaah), and (indeed) they then see (aright).” If sins destroy you, rush to Allaah. Destroy the shaytaan by seeking forgiveness from Allaah.

In order to safeguard ourselves from this plot of the shaytaan we must strive in strengthening our eemaan, be upon taqwa and seek the Face of Allaah truthfully. It is also vital that we be wage jihaad against our nafs in an effort to ward off sins whether by hearing/listening or speaking. When we do fall into sin, we must rush to seek the forgiveness of Allaah.

2. To possess the human being.

In this case, Allaah has legislated for us ruqya according to the Shari’ah. It is upon us to say the legislated dhikr from what is known and by the Permission of Allaah, we will be protected and not have to suffer from being touched by the shaytaan. If Allaah destined for you that you be touched by the shaytaan then you must strive hard in reciting as much of the Qur’aan as you can, increase in du’a to Allaah, make istighfar, and it is a must upon you to say ‘SubhanAllaahAlhamdulillaahAllaahu AkbarLaa ilaaha ill Allaah’ as much as you can.

3. To affect the human being by way of sihr (magic).

The only way to treat yourself from magic is with the treatment of ruqya as found in the Shari’ah and the supplications that have been legislated from the Qur’aan and Sunnah. It is NOT PERMISSIBLE to go back to a magician in order to get rid of the magic that has been done to you. We must return to Allaah and never ever to a magician even if some people have said it is permissible to do so. Even if you were to die while still suffering from the sickness of possession or sihr then it is for you to die upon Tawheed while you are still ill rather than to die upon shirk or kufr.

If you are not able to make ruqya upon yourself there is no harm if you take ruqya from one who is from the saaliheen whether that person made ruqya upon you directly or recited upon some water or some food for you to eat or drink.

The Shaykh then went on to comment on some of the benefits of performing ruqya for another Muslim and mentioned that this act of performing ruqya for another person not only benefits the one who is being treated but also the one performing the ruqya.

Another point of grave importance as discussed by the Shaykh is the matter of those individuals who perform ruqya as a means to expand their wealth and earn a living. He spoke about some of the heinous practices of these individuals and clarified the authentic position according to the Qur’aan and pure Sunnah. He further said that what these individuals commit is extortion and is a defamation of the ruqya legislated in the Shari’ah.

These and many more tremendous benefits were contained in this much needed clarification on the Jinn and Magic.

Wa Billaahi Tawfeeq

Wa SallAllaahu wa Sallaama wa Barak ‘alaa Nabiyanna Muhammad wa ‘alaa ‘Alyhi wa Sahbyhi wa Sallam

Source : Posted from mpubs with Permission


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