Importance of the Sunnah

Importance of the Sunnah

Reported by al-Hasan al-Basri that Imraan bin Husayn was sitting with his companions when a man amongst the people said:

Do not mention to us anything but the Qur’aan!

Whereupon Imraan said to him:

Come closer!

And the man came closer. Imraan said to the man:

Imagine if you and your people had been left with (interpreting) the Qur’aan? Would you then have found that the Dhuhr prayer consists of four units?

Or that the ‘Asr prayer consists of four units and Maghrib of three wherein you recite in two of them (out loud)?

Have you pondered upon the fact that if you and your people were left with (interpreting) the Qur’aan, would you then have found the Tawaaf to be seven (circles around the Ka’bah)?

Or the Tawaaf between Safa and Marwa (being mentioned)?

Then Imraan said:

Oh people take from us (i.e our knowledge) for by Allah if you do not, then you will certainly go astray!

[Translated from Tadween as-Sunnah an-Nabawiyyah by Dr. Muhammad Matar az-Zahraani]


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