Strange deaths

Strange deaths

Here is a short compilation of peculiar deaths of past scholars. Keeping in mind that when Allaah makes death difficult upon a person it is a means of cleansing them of their sins so that they may reach the Aakhirah in a better state.


Imaam Muslim:

On the authority of Ahmad b. Salamah:

A gathering of knowledge and revision was held for Abul-Husayn Muslim b. Al-Hajjāj where a hadīth that he did not know was mentioned. He went home and lit his lamp and said to those at home, “no one should enter the house (disturb me).” He was told, “We have been gifted a basket of dates.” He said, “Put it out for me,” so they served it to him. He started searching for the hadīth and taking a date at a time until the morning, by which time the dates were finished and he had finally found the hadīth.

Muhammad b. ‘Abdillāh (one of the reporters of this narration) added, “A reliable companion of ours added that this was the cause of his death.”

Al-Dhahabī, Siyar A’lām Al-Nubalā` in his biography of Imām Muslim.

Imaam al-Awzaa’ee:

’Uqbah al-Beirûti: al-Awzâ´i died in his Sauna. His wife went to bring coal to heat the Sauna up.So she left, locking the door but forgot him (inside) until he was found dead. [Tadkhirah al-Huffaadh]

Hammad bin Salamah:

‘Abd-Rahmân bin Mahdi said, If it was said to Hammad bin Salamah you will pass away tomorow then he would not be able to increase in his worship.

Yusuf al-Mu´addib said Hammad bin Salamah died in his prayer [Tadkhirah al-Huffaadh].

Safwaan bin Sulaymaan:

Sufyaan ibn ’Uyaynah said Safwân bin Sulaymân swore that he would never lie down until he met Allaah. For thirty years he lived like that. He died sitting. [Tadkirah al-Huffaadh]

 Suraarah bin Awfaa:

‘Ataab bin al-Muthanaa al-Qushayree said, Bahz bin Hakeem narrated to us saying, Suraarah bin Awfaa lead us in prayer at the masjid of Banuu Qushayr and he read surah Muddathir. When he reached the 8th verse he fell down dead. [Tahdeeb al-Kamaal]


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