Faq about Islam


FAQ about Islam


(Frequently Asked



Who is Allah?

means God. It is a personal name, which Allah calls Himself in
the Quran. That is where we get it. It can also be found in an
Aramaic copy of the Bible, and even Christian Arabs say Allah.


Who is Jesus to us?

Jesus peace be upon Him is a true prophet. Sent by Allah like
Moses, Abraham, Lot, Noah, Jonah, Joseph …etc.

Who were Jesus’s parents?


Jesus is the son of Virgin Mary, and he had no father. Allah
created Jesus.

Can Jesus, or Mohammed peace be upon them be worshipped?


No, Allah does not accept that a cow, a person, an angel, a
prophet, a stone, or anything be worshipped in place of him, or
even along with Him. Worship must be to Allah the creator of

Is Allah the same as what Christians call the father?


Allah is the creator who Jesus worshipped. He is the Creator who
spoke to Moses, and split the sea for Moses, and his followers.
That is Allah. But Allah tells us: “Say Allah is one, He is
Perfect, He has never begotten, nor was He begott, and there is
no one equal to Him”.

Is there a trinity in Islam?


No. Allah is perfect.

Do we believe that Allah created
the heavens and earth in 6 days?


Yes, but He did not rest on the seventh day, because He did not
get tired. Allah is perfect He does not get tired, nor does He
sleep, eat, go to the bathroom, feel pain, or die for that

Can we see Allah?


Allah is not like the sun. Anyone
can see the Sun. But Allah is the most beautiful. Nothing is as
beautiful as Allah. Actually looking at Allah is the greatest
pleasure of the people in Pradise. This pleasure Allah does not
give anyone but the believers. So no one will see Allah before
he dies.

Does Allah see us?


Allah sees us, and knows everything about us. He knows us better
than we know ourselves. There is not a leaf on a tree that blows
away, or stays in its place except that He knows it. There is
not a dry spot, nor a wet spot, nor a grain in the depths of the
earth except that Allah knows it.

Do we have free will?


Yes, of course. Allah does not
punish us for something we did not do on our own. But at the
same time, our will is not inspire of Allah’s will. We cannot do
anything if Allah will not allow it. In other words nothing goes
on in Allah’s kingdom without His will.

Did Allah create Evil?


evil is the result disobedience to Allah’s religious laws which
is the willful sin of the man and jinn; everybody obeys natural
laws whether they will it or not.

Thus Allah created the creatures who do evil, and knew that they
would do evil, and he allows it to happen in His creation, and
in this sense only He is the creator of evil in the meaning that
He creates everything. Allah is all good and everything he does
is good, and even this evil that exists has some good in it in
that from the presence of evil he brings forth good, and He will
judge all with perfect justice and reward those that do good and
punish those that do evil and do not repent for that evil.

Do bad
things happen to the believers (good people)?

Yes, they do. But they appear bad
to the believers cause they are things people don’t like. Who
likes breaking a leg? However, when a bad thing happens to a
believer this believer is patient. He praises Allah in all
circumstances. He knows Allah does not decree something unless
it is for his own good.

But how
can breaking a leg are good for a beleiver?

Also because Allah
forgives much of what we do, but those things we are not
forgiven, they are forgiven due to our patience when we are
struck by a calamity. Allah gives us better reward when a
problem strikes us on earth if we are patient. This reward can
be on earth, and it can be in Heaven.

Because it is a chance for the believer to think about what he
did wrong.

Does Allah hear my prayers?



Does Allah answer my prayers?

1- Get what we are
asking for!

2- Get something
as good or better!

3- We get spared
something bad that would have happened otherwise.

4- We get rewarded
on the day of Judgment with a much greater reward than what we
were asking for on earth.


know that Allah answers all the prayers of the believers. This
can be in 4 ways:

When does Allah not answer our

* When we ask, but
not from our heart!

* When we say: I
asked and asked and He did not answer.

* When we eat,
drink, and wear unlawful, food, and clothes, and property that
wa earned either through interest from the bank, or that was
stolen, or if the food was pork, or the like.


* When it is bad for us!

What can I ask of Allah?

You can ask Allah
for guidance. Meaning you can ask Him to show you the correct


Any thing but don’t ask Him to do things like make you a
prophet. Cause He has already said that there will be no more

Who are my best friends?


Your best friends are the ones
that care where you go after you are dead. This is like the
prophets. They cared that we go to heaven, even if it meant some
hardship on earth.

Who is my worst enemy?


That would be the devils, whether they are human devils (evil
people), or Jinn devils (like Iblis) The Arabic word for a devil
is Shaytan (similar to Satan). Satan wants us all to go to hell.
He wants us to be bad on earth, even if we get rich, or do lots
of wrong things that we appear to enjoy, he does not mind that.
But he wants to make sure we don’t go to heaven.

What is it that keeps us from entering Heaven?


Worship of anyone other than
Allah is the greatest sin. It is called shirk, and this is not
forgiven except through repentance.

Where is Allah?


Allah is the highest. He is high above ALL of His creation. He
is ascended upon a Throne, which is greater than the heavens,
and the Earth. Much much much greater than the heavens and the
earth. So much greater that the heavens and the earth could fit
in the footstool of the throne, and they would be like a ring
thrown into an open desert. Allah is certainly the greatest.

Does Allah look like us?

A Muslim does not
say a single thing about Allah other than what Allah says about
Himself. We don’t say He is like a clover, He got tired, He is

Allah is Perfect,
and Unique.


No Allah is perfect. He is not
like any of His creation. He has told us that He has Hands,
Eyes, a Face, and Foot. But all of these attributes are
befitting to His might and Glory.

What does it mean to believe in

It means to
believe in His prophets cause they are His, and He sent them. We
cannot pick and choose. A Muslim must believe in all the
prophets of Allah.

It means to
believe in the Angles! We must love them all, we cannot hate an
Angel say, for example, to hate Michael who is charged with
rain, and the vegetation of the Earth, or Gabriel who is charged
with revelation (brings down the scriptures to the prophets).

It means to
believe in Allah’s predestination of good, and bad (relative to
us, but to Allah everything Allah does is good).

It means to
believe in the last day: The day of Judgment.


means to believe in Allah in total perfection, and uniqueness.

When is the Day of Judgment?


Only Allah knows.

Are there signs for the day of

To name a few,

Objects will begin
to talk.

There will be much
killing. The killer won’t know why he killed, and the guy that
was killed won’t know why he was killed.

The Antichrist
will come.

Prophet Jesus son
of Mary will return.

Gog and Magog will
be set free.

The sun will rise
from the west (after this one there can be no more repentance)


Plenty, plenty, plenty. Many have already occurred.

What about non-Muslims do they go to heaven?


Allah only accepts Islam. He says
in the Quran: “Whoever seeks a religion other than Islam it
won’t be accepted of him, and he will be one of the losers in
the hereafter”. I would rather lose anywhere, but not lose in
the hereafter. This is because Hellfire is eternal. It never
ends, and we never die when we go there, if we go there.

What about someone who never heard of Islam?


Allah is the most just. Don’t even think that we can be nicer
than Allah. Allah is the Most Just, and He said in the Quran “We
were not to punish till having sent a warner”. The “We” here is
the majestic we used in Arabic. So if a person never heard about
Islam, and was never warned clearly Allah would have a special
test for that person that He knows is equal to the chance that
person would have had on earth.

How do we know Islam is the truth?

1- Hold Allah as
One, Unique, and Perfect.

2- A lonly worship
of Allah, not Jesus, not an idol, and not an angel only Allah.

3- The Quran does
not contain contradictions.

4- The Quran
contains scientific facts, which are 1300 years ahead of their
time. The Quran while revealed 1400 years ago contains
scientific facts, which are only now being discovered. It is not
in contradiction to science.

5- Allah
challenges the world to produce the like of the Quran. And He
says they won’t be able to.

6- Prophet
Mohammed was the most influential man in History. Even a
non-Muslim wrote a book called the 100 most influential men in
History, and Prophet Mohammed was #1. Prophet Jesus was #3. Note
even Prophet Jesus was a prophet sent by Allah. Would Allah
allow a false prophet to be so successful? No. Even the Bible
says this in Deuteronomy 18:19. A false prophet would die!!! Yet
Prophet Mohammed did not die till he completely conveyed, and
taught Allah’s religion.

7- He had many
prophecies, and all of his prophecies have come true, or are
still coming true.


It is the only religion that:

Most importantly is this:


Allah created us, and we know that we should only worship Him.
This is an instinct Allah has created us with. He did not just
leave us, rather He sent prophets for us. These prophets had
miracles as proof. The miracle for us today is the Quran. There
is no other religion that worships only Allah, and believes in
Him as totally perfect, and believes in all of His prophets, and

Can anyone become a Muslim?

1- To bear witness
that no one deserves to be worship except Allah

2- To bear witness
that Prophet Mohammed is the Messenger of Allah.

This makes a
person Muslim. But it should be said in Arabic. Next a person
takes a shower, and He/She is a Muslim.


Yes anyone can. There are two
declarations, which are necessary:

Then What?


After a person becomes Muslim he/she is taught about Prayers,
Fasting, the Poor due, Pilgrimage. These are pillars of Islam.

Then What?


Muslims are brothers. A Muslim
should love for his brother what he loves for himself. Allah’s
wealth does not run out, and Allah can provide for us all. We
pray for each other, and love each other, and love for our
brothers and sisters what we love for ourselves.



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