Jadallah elQurani

Somewhere in France before nearly fifty years ago there was an Sheikh in sense of age. ( old uncle). He was Turkish and was in his fifties, his name was Ibrahim who works in a grocery shop.
This store was located under an apartment building, there was a jewish family use to live in one of the apartments, they had a son who’s name was Ja’ad who was only seven years old when he met Uncle Ibrahim.
Ja’ad the Jewish…. Ja’ad use to come to Uncle Ibrahim’s store every day to purchase things for his home, but every time he came out of the store he use to steal a piece of chocolate, thinking Uncle Ibrahim didnt see him.
One day, Ja’d forgot to take(steal) a piece of chocolate when he left store Uncle Ibrahim called him and told him that he forgot to take a piece of chocolate, which he takes a daily…..Ja’d was was horrified, he thought that uncle Ibrahim did not know anything about him stealing chocolate every day, he started asking Uncle Ibrahim to forgive him and that he is not going to steal a piece of chocolate once again, … Uncle Ibrahim said to him : “No, promise me that you will not steal anything in your life, and every day, when you leave the store take a piece of chocolate its for you free ” He agreed (Ja’d) happily.

Years passed and uncle Ibrahim became as a father, friend and the mother to Ja’d, the Jewish boy.
when Ja’d use to face problems , he use to comes to uncle Ibrahim and presents him his problems, once he finish explaining his problem, uncle  Ibrahim use to get a book from his drawer in the shop and gives it to ja’d, and aske him to open a random page of the book after he dose open a Page uncle Ibrahim use to read these 2 pages ja’ad opned in the book, then he close the book and solve the problem,  Ja’d use to leave and his woes been taken off  and the problem been solved, and start feeling better than when he came.

Years passed by, this is how Ja’ad was with uncle Ibrahim, the old un-educated turkish Muslim.
After seventeen years now  ja’d became a young man in his 24th of age and Uncle  Ibrahim in his  67th.
Uncle Ibrahim died but before his death, he left a box for his children and the put a book which Ja’ad use to open whenever he use to come to uncle ibrahim with a problem Inside the box, he asked his kids to give the box to Ja’ad  after his death as a gift.
when Ja’d learned about the death of uncle Ibrahim he became very sad since unlce Ibrahim was the only  person use to help him from the flames of problems. !! Uncle Ibrahim’s son delivered the box to Ja’ad, and told him that his father left him this box as a gift.

days passed…[/
On the day ja’d faced a problem, and right a way he remembered uncle Ibrahim and his little box, which he left him, he went to the box opned it and found the book, which he use to open every time he visited uncle ibrahim in his shop!!!
He opened the pages in the book, but it was written in Arabic, which he didnt know, so whe went ot a Tunisian friend and asked him to read the pages from the book, and after explaining his problem to his Tunisian friend, his friend helped him to find solution for his problem.
At this point Ja’d was shocked and he asked ,, What is this book? the Tunisian friend replied, Its the Holy Quran the Muslims book. upon this Ja’d asked and how I become a Muslim…? so the tunisian replied, all you have to do is to say the Shahda and follow the sharia.
Ja’d repeated the shahada   أشهد ألا إله إلا الله وأن محمداً رسول الله I bare witness that there is no GOD but Allah, and Muhammad is His Messenger

Muslim Jadallah
ja’d became Muslim and he choosed the name Jadallah ElQurani and he choosed this name to show and maximize the greatness of this book, he decided to make what he left in of his life to service this book “the Quran”.
Jadallah leanred  and understand the Koran and began calling people to Islam and Allah s.w.t in Europe, great number of people became Muslim through him about six thousand Jewish and the Christian became Muslim through him.
One day while he was in going through his old papers, he opend the Quran which uncle Ibrahim left him and he found inside the quran a map of the world at the outset and on the continent of Africa a Signature by Uncle Ibrahim and at the bottom a verse was written : “Invite to the way of your Lord with wisdom and good counsel”! “أدع إلى سبيل ربك بالحكمة والموعظة الحسنة
Jadallah though that this the advise lefe by uncle ibrahim for him and decided to implement it …. so he Left Europe and  went to call people to islam in Kenya, southern Sudan and Uganda and the neighboring countries, great number of people became Muslim on his hands , the point from the tripe  the Zulu alone, more than six million people became Muslim through him.

His Death
Jadallah ElQurani, this is rightous Muslim who spend 30 years in the dawah, for sake of Allah in the jungles of Africa great number of people became Muslim on his hands reached to millions of them he died in 2003, due to disease that afflicted him in Africa while he was making Dawah, he reached the age of 45 when he died spend them in way of Allah.

The story is not over yet. !!

his Jewish mother and fanatics and university teacher , became Muslim, she cam to ISLAM last year in 2005 after two years of the death of her son.
She became muslim at her 70th year, She says she spent thirty years in which her son was a Muslim, fighting to return him to Judaism, and that with her experience, education and ability to persuasion failed to convince her son to return, while Uncle Ibrahim uneducated, but a Muslim, was able to bring her son to Islam , and this is the true religion.
we aske Allah to protect her and keep her on right path.

But, why he became Muslim?    ( please read this carfully and pay attention)
Says Jadallah ElQurani, that uncle Ibrahim and for seventeen years did not say “you infidel” or “Jew” Oh, he did not even said “Become Muslim”. !!
Imagine that during the seventeen year uncle ibrahim never talke to him about religion, nither about Islam or even Jewish religion
Grand old shiekh uneducated, knew how to make the heart of the Child on the Quran!
Sheikh Safwat Hegazi Asked him when he met in one of the meetings, his feelings while millions of people became muslim on his hand he replied that the individual does not feel pride for saying that, but he is just trying with the mercy of Allah to return is part of goodness was done by uncle Ibrahim

** This story mentioned by Sheikh Safwat Hegazi in a symposium on channel success ***
[BـUpdate on Sunday, November 5, 2006, 14 Shawwal 1427 [/B]e
Says Dr. Safwat Hegazi that, during a conference in London to discuss the Darfur crisis, and how to support needy Muslims there from danger of Christianization, and the risk of war, he met an elders who is from the Zulu tribe, which lived in the Darfur region.
During the talk,  Dr. Hijazi asked him: Do you know Dr. Jad-Allah elQurani? at his point the chief of the tribe asked Dr. Hijazi : Did you know him? Dr. Hijazi replied : Yes, I met him when he was in Switzerland when he was getting treatment in hospital.
the chief of the tribe tried to kiss the hands of Dr. Hijazi , Dr. Hijazi said to him : What are you doing? I had done nothing deserves this!
Individual chief of the tribe : I am not kissing Your Hand, but i am kissing a hand shaken, Dr. JAd ELQurani
Dr. Hijazi, asked him : Did you became Muslim on the hands of Dr. Jad Allah elQurani?
chief of the tribe said : No, but i became to Islam at the hands of a man embraced Islam through Dr. Jadallah elQuranic may Allah have mercy on him
سبحان الله؟! wonder how may will become Muslim on the hands of people who became Muslim on the hand of Jadallah elQurani?
and the reward will be for uncle Ibrahim who died 30 years a go, and who was the reason after Allah s.w.t for Dr.JadAllah elQurani to become muslim 30 years a go and through him million of people became Muslim too….

Any good is from Allah and the mistakes are from myself, may Allah forgive us. wa Jazaakom Allah Khayran, dont forget me in your Duaa.
wa salaam alikom    


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