Ka’abah is the center of the earth

Ka’abah is the center of the earth

Science says that the whole of earth, before taking its present shape, was completely immersed in water- a huge ocean. Allah (SWT) then caused a volcano to erupt at a certain area (underwater) and lava and magma started to gush out and they kept on gushing till a mountain hill appeared. It is scientifically known that the whole of the earth was one piece and then God caused deep rifts to appear, which helped in separating the cracked pieces of land apart forming the well-known seven continents.
The Prophet’s (pbuh) Hadith
The Prophet (pbuh) says: “The Ka’abah was a piece of land over water, from which the land was extended.”
Here the hadith talks about a hill over water and surrounded by water and from this piece of land the earth was spread and that is completely in agreement with the geological studies. Taken into account such agreement, the Ka’abah’s floor must be the oldest place in the world.

Also the Ka’abah is at the center of the earth because:
· Plate tectonics move around the Arabian plate which carries the Ka’abah.
· Dr Kamel Hussein has proven that Makkah is the centre of the universe.
· Satellite pictures prove that Makkah is the center of the universe. At a height of 100km over the earth’s surface, satellite pictures were transmitted and when magnifying technology were applied on these pictures, Makkah appeared to be the mid-point between the furthest land in the northern pool and the land in the southern pool.
An American researcher, when studying the radiation center on the surface of the earth, found out that not only is Markka the centre of the earth but it is also the meeting point of the magnetic radiation of the universe.
sours: http://www.knowmuhammad.com/ By Magdy Abdalshafy

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