Killing by chocking, beating, falling or gorging

Ibn Abbas (ra) whilst giving tafsir of the verses related to lawful meat said, “the animal killed by choking, beating or falling is not lawful. The animal gorged by another’s horn is lawful as long as you slaughter it whilst it is alive (i.e. its eyes and tail is moving)”. [Sahih Bukhari]


Slaughtering using a tooth or nail

The Messenger (saw) said: “do not slaughter with a tooth or a nail…a tooth is a bone and the nail is the knife of the Ethiopians” [Sahih Bukhari] #5503


Ethiopia (Abyssinia) was the land of the Christians at the time of the Messenger (saw).


Shooting tied and confined animals

Anas (ra) said, “The Messenger (saw) has forbidden the shooting of tied and confined animals” [Sahih Bukhari]


Game killed by Mi’raad معراض

This is when game is killed by a tool which is a sharp wood with a blunt shaft. The Messenger (saw) said, “It is lawful to eat as long as it was killed by the sharp edge” [Sahih Bukhari] #5476


Game killed by Bunduqa بندقة

This is when game is killed by a shooting a ball through a hollow tube. Ibn Umar (ra) said, “it is unlawful as it is like killing an animal with a blunt instrument” [Sahih Bukhari]


Game killed by Arrow

The Messenger (saw) said “if you hunt a game with your bow after mentioning Allah (swt) name, eat of it” [Sahih Bukhari] #5478


Game killed by a Hound

The Messenger (saw) said “If you let loose your trained hound after a game and you mentioned the name of Allah (swt) then you can eat what the hound catches for you, even if it kills the game. But you should not eat if the hound has eaten from it, as it has caught the game for itself”

[Sahih Bukhari] #5476


And on the issue of keeping a dog as a pet the Messenger (saw) said “whoever keeps a do which is neither a watch dog nor a hunting dog, will get a daily reduction of two qeeraat from his good deed” [Sahih Bukhari] # 5480

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