COURSE NOTESDownload your own personal copy of the Call of Duty dawah training course notes.
6 PART VIDEO SERIESEpisodes 1Introducing the GORAP + InitiationEpisodes 2Commen sense agreementEpisodes 3Gods existence + OnenessEpisodes 4Revelation + ProphethoodEpisodes 5Getting the Shahadah + After ShahadahEpisodes 6Bonus – Dawah to Christians and Atheists
   PocketDawahManual                                Muhammad_In_The_Bible                         Science in the Quran                  Embryology_in_the_Quran_v2
And who is better in speech than one who invites to Allah and does righteousness and says, “Indeed, I am of the Muslims.”

One thought on “DAWAH TRAINING

  1. Alhamdulillah for this Dawah Training video, I think, you need to have a downloadable Dawah Training Manual on this (on PDF and Word)… as a guide for those who are willing to take the Islamic Call of Duty. The Evangelist have done it already to take back the revert Muslims to Christinity!!! I hope to have asap! We need ti move now! Jazak Allahu Khayran!

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