islamic programs dounload

islamic programs dounload

Download File Details VB 6 Source Code Azkary For All Windows Systems. Azkary is a Popup Messenger and Balloon Messages at Preset times to remind you to remember GOD By Displaying Your Popup which may say “Allah No GOD But He” etc. The source code in Visual Basic 6 is also available for download IslamKit software. Open source code in Perl. Prayer Times Calculator Windows C/C DLL Library Source and Binaries. Prayer Times Calculator Visual Basic Library Source and Binaries. Requres PrayerTimes DLL included.
Prayer Times Calculator Free Perl Module.
Qibla Direction Calculator Free Perl Module. Qibla Direction Calculator Free Visual Basic Module. Qibla Direction Calculator Free PHP class and test scripts.
Religion-Islam-Quran-1.0.tar.gz Quran searchable database and information free perl module.
Arabic Quran Database Text Files Downloads
Quran Arabic No Tashkil (No Diacritics).
Quran Arabic With Tashkil (With Diacritics).
Quran Translations Database Text Files Downloads
Quran Azerbaijani.
Quran Bosnian.
Quran Chinese Simplified.
Quran Chinese.
Quran Dutch. Quran English. Quran English Asad. Quran English Pickthall. Quran English Qaribullah. Quran English Shakir.
Quran English US.
Quran Finnish.
Quran French.
Quran German. Quran Indonesian.
Quran Italian.
Quran Japanese.
Quran Korean.
Quran Latin. Quran Malaysian.
Quran Mexican.
Quran Persian.
Quran Poland.
Quran Portuguese.
Quran Russian.
Quran Spanish. Quran Swahili.
Quran Tamil.
Quran Thai. Quran Transliteration English.
Quran Turkish.
Quran Interpertations (Tafseer) Database Text Files Downloads
Tafseer Arabic Al-Jalalayn.
Tafseer Arabic Al-Qurtubi.
Tafseer Arabic Al-Tabari.
Tafseer Arabic Ibn-Kathir.
Sunnah and Hadith Database Text Files Downloads (62169 Hadith) Hadith Sahih Bukhari (7008 Hadith). Hadith Sahih Muslim (5362 Hadith). Hadith Sunan al-Tirmidhi (3891 Hadith). Hadith Sunan al-Nasa’i (5662 Hadith). Hadith Sunan Abu Dawud (4590 Hadith). Hadith-Sunan-Ibn-Maja (4332 Hadith). Hadith Musnad Ahmad ibn Hanbal (26363 Hadith). Hadith Malik’s Muwatta (1594 Hadith). Hadith Sunan al-Darami (3367 Hadith).
All Other Downloads
OthmanyQuran.pdf Osmany Quran PDF Format.
GeoMaker.exe (Windows Application) (VB6 Source Code)
GeoMaker Windows Program. World GeoDatabase – Latitude, Longitude, Altitude For Entire World. Both Exe and VB 6 Source Code available.

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