New Muslims Stories

New Muslims Stories

Becoming Muslim

Mrs. Cecilia Mahmuda Cannolly (Australia) Why I embraced Islam ? First and foremost I would say it was because fundamentally I had always been a Muslim without being aware of it. Very early in my life.. 

Experience of a Canadian woman

Many may ask why a young, Canadian-born, Caucasian woman would embrace a religion that not only supposedly oppresses women, but takes all her freedom and independence and treats her as a second class citizen. I.. 

A German lady converts to Islam

Title: Shortly after I was born in 1934 it became a “fashion” in Germany to quit membership of the Church—Catholic or Protestant—and become “gottglaubig” which means believing.. 

Marriages Lead Women to Islam

‘Aa’ishah Abid Choudry – her given name is Harumi – adopted her Muslim name and faith four years ago, at the age of 26, to marry a Pakistani. Two years later, like many Japanese women married.. 

From a bathing suit to hijaab

Somayyah was educated in a convent and as a teenager worked as a model and in cocktail lounges. Growing up in Ireland and Britain, she tried drugs and liquor and supported alcoholic and sometimes abusive.. 

From Yamilia to Hajar

Hajar is the new name of Yamilia.She is a twenty-eight.A student of social studies at the University of Missouri, Columbia, she started studying Islam before two years to find out the truth which she had.. 

Mum, I’ve decided I want to follow Allaah

Western women are turning to Islam in rapidly increasing numbers. Kay Jardine discovers why they are so keen to become Muslims. Bullying, depression, and insomnia made Kimberley McCrindle’s teenage years.. 


Becoming Muslim Both my husband and I converted to Islam. I converted during Ramadan last year and my husband shortly after. The thing that drew me to Islam was the hijab and loose clothing of the Muslim.. 

The Introduction and Decision

by Aminah Assilmi I was completing a degree in Recreation, when I met my first Muslims. It was the first year that we had been able to pre-register by computer. I preregistered and went to Oklahoma to.. 

Why I Embraced Islam

by Sr. Asiya Abd-az-Zahra Taken from Noor Magazine- Aug-Sept 97 Islam has been described as being the religion of Fitrah, the innate nature of all humans. It is not surprising therefore when we discover.. 

Bride Jemima Goldsmith: Why I chose Islam.

Sunday Telegraph, May 28, 1995 When Jemima Goldsmith, the 21-year-old daughter of billionaire Sir James, married Imran Khan she embraced not only the world’s most handsome sportsman but also the Muslim.. 

My Path To Islam

C. Huda Dodge Salaam alaykum wa rahmatullah. Since I have started reading and posting on this newsgroup a few months ago, I have noticed a great interest in converts (reverts) to Islam: how are people.. 

My Life as a New Muslim

Fathima Lienberg from South Africa Published By: Jamiatul Ulama (Kzn) Vol. 3 No. 4 I am Fathima Liebenberg, a white Muslim woman converted to Islam in 1995. I am very proud to say! I am a Muslim, but.. 

Hafsah: My Conversion Story

Well, it all started when I met my ex-husband. He was a Muslim but at the time that I met him, he wasn’t practicing Islam (now he does, al-Hamdulillah (praise be to Allaah)). We married 3 months after we.. 


Growing up in a supposedly Christian, but in fact non-religious family, I never heard the name of God being uttered, I never saw anyone pray and I learned early on that the only reason for doing things.. 

How they became Muslim women!

Islam is being subjected to a fierce attack from both inside and outside its lands and accusations of terrorism, regression and barbarism are constantly directed to it. Also, the enemies’ attacks are mainly.. 

Iman from Italy finds Islam

By Mrs N. Hashim The convert has asked to remain anonymous for her own reasons. I will call her “Iman” for although she is a new Muslim she has a faith that comes to many people only after countless.. 

Khadija Watson’s Journey of Faith

She is an American from California. Her card gives you some clue: “Khadija Watson, ex-professor of theology.” She has a BA and an MA in theology. She was an ordained, licensed minister, a Christian.. 

From Christianity to Islam

Khadija Zafar, Philipines

No one could have ever imagined me make such a decision! Even in my wildest dreams, looking back five years, I could not have foresaw this turn of events. Those who knew.. 

Maryam Butson’s Testimony, Australia

Assalaamualaykum, I was born into a Baha’i family to parents from Anglo-Celtic backgrounds who had converted to the Baha’i Faith in the sixties, and spent my childhood being taught about the different.. 

Miss Fatima Kazue (Japan)

Ever since the Second World War I have been watching with restlessness that our faith in our religion was fast becoming weak. We had begun to accept the American mode of living and I deeply felt as if something.. 

Miss Mas’udah Steinmann (England)

No other religion professed by a large community have I found so comprehensible and encouraging. There seems no better way towards tranquility of mind and contentment in life, no greater promise for the.. 

Monica (Ecuador/USA)

How I became a Muslim Assalamu Aleykum! I was born in a Catholic family in Ecuador. My family was never very religious. I mean, they didn’t go to church or things like that, except for my grandma whom.. 

Mrs. Amina Mosler (Germany)

One day, in the year 1928, my son with tears in his eyes said: `I do not want to remain a Christian any longer; I want to be a Muslim; and you, too, my mother, should join this new faith with me.’ That.. 

Rehana reverts to Islam

My first realization about the Christian idea of salvation came after I was baptized into a Southern Baptist church at a young age. I was taught in Sunday School that “if you aren’t baptized, then.. 

Sofia’s Journey to Islam

To those of you who are searching for the truth and to those who have found it and are struggling to stay on the right path. A Never-ending Quest: Although Sofia was a stubborn lady, she knew when to.. 

My Journey to Islam

Aisha Bhutta The Guardian Newspaper, England Thursday 8th May 1997 A Woman on a Mission ——————————– Aisha Bhutta, also known as Debbie Rogers, is serene. She sits on the sofa in.. 

Experiences of a Recently Converted Hindu Woman

“My Experiences and How I Find that Islam does not Oppress Women” by Sister Noor, University of Essex I came from a purely Hindu family where we were always taught to regard ourselves (i.e… 

Jenny’s Testimony

Melbourne, Australia In the Name of Allah, The Benificent, The Merciful October, 1998 Often when people ask me ‘How did you come to Islam?’, I take a deep breath and try and tell them the.. 


In the Name of Allaah, most Compassionate, most Merciful Becoming Muslim Bismillaah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem DISCOVERING ISLAM: A CANADIAN MUSLIMA’S STORY April 25, 1996 As-Salamu Alaikum wa Rahmahtullahi.. 


As-salaamu-alaikum, I come from a Jewish family in New York. My mother was from S. A. but also Jewish. She never was comfortable with anyone knowing that. When my father died, she remarried a Catholic.. 

Rita, Canada

God works in mysterious ways I suppose we have all heard stories of converts before. They are, praise be to God, becoming very common, and growing in their number every day. But still, I can never forget.. 

Sister Penomee (Dr. Kari Ann Owen, Ph.D.)

July 4, 1997. Assalaamu alaykum, beloved family. “There is no god but Allaah, and Muhammed, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, is his messenger.” These are the words of the Shahadah oath,.. 

A Jewish American Embraces Islam

I saw her radiant face in a mosque that is located on a hill in a small American state, reciting a translation of the Noble Quran. I greeted her and she returned the greeting warmly and cheerfully; we got.. 

The Veil: The View From The Inside

By: Nakata Khaula When I returned to Islam, the religion of our inborn nature, a fierce debate raged about girls observing the hijab at schools in France. It still does. The majority, it seemed, thought.. 

How They Became MuslimWomen

Islam is being subjected to a fierce attack internally as well as externally with accusations of terrorism, regression and barbarism constantly directed at it. Also, the enemies’ attacks are directed to.. 

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