110 Ahadith Qudsi (Sacred Ahadith): Sayings Of The Prophet (PBUH) Having Allah’s Statements

110 Ahadith Qudsi (Sacred Ahadith): Sayings Of The Prophet (PBUH) Having Allah’s Statements

S. Masood-ul-Hasan | Language: Arabic – English | Format: PDF | Pages: 129 | Size: 4.5 MB
Ahadith are the sayings, deeds and approvals of the Prophet (PBUH) under Divine guidance and are generally traced back to the Prophet (PBUH) as regards to their authority. But some Ahadith hold a distinct place and are termed as Ahadith Qudsi (Sacred Ahadith) and the authority in these Ahadith is attributed to Allah through the Prophet (PBUH). It is a collection of 110 such Ahadith relating to the important aspects of daily life so that the readers may get benefited from it for the success in this life as well as in the Hereafter.


Publishers Note 09
Superiority of Monotheism 11··
Hazardousness of Shirk 14
Superiority of the believers in the Oneness of Allah
Superiority of those who neither treat with amulet,
Paradise is surrounded with hardships
Warning against hypocrisy 15
One whose intention is not pure will deserve Hell 17
and the punishment of Jews and Christians 19
nor get themselves branded nor take omens 20
Broadness of Allah’s Mercy 21
An example of Allah’s Mercy on his slaves 22
Waming to those who loose hope in the Mercy of Allah 23
Fear of Allah 25
He who loves to meet Allah, Allah too loves to meet him 26
Allah screens the believer in the world and the Hereafter 27
Superiority of the believer 28
Devil’s promptings 29
Prohibition of Pride and Vanity 30
Prohibition of Abusing Time 30
Son of Adam tells a lie against his Lord and abuses him 31
Everybody will do according to his destiny 32
Superiority of disbelief in Stars 32
Discouragement of Desparation 33
whereas Hell is encompassed with lusts 34
Some of what Allah has prepared for His righteous slaves 35
Allah’s pleasure for the inhabitants of Paradise 36
Inhabitants of Paradise will be given pursuit 37
The last to enter Paradise 39
Superiority of martyrs 43
Reason of revelation of Allah’s Statement on martyrs .45
Some attributes of the Inhabitants of Paradise and Hell 47
Worthlessness of this world 50
Some Scenes of Resurrection 51
When a slave falls sick, reward will be recorded for him
One who is deprived of his eyesight and remains patient,
Continuous inducement for repentance and seeking
Exhortation for developing mutual love and mercy
Superiority of the one who granted a grave period to
The merits of one who accepts the Will of Allah
Superiority of staying in the mosque from Maghrib
“All the earth is in His possession on the Day of Resurrection” 56
Question about worldly pleasure on the Day of Resurrection 57
Compassion of Allah’s Messenger (PBUH) on his Ummah .58
Fever and other diseases lessen sins 60
according to what he was doing in the state of health ,..61
Allah’s reward for him will be Paradise 61
Intimidation against committing suicide 62
Sin of the one who murders unjustly 63
Superiority of Dhikr and becoming close to Allah 64
Superiority of the company of pious people 67
Allah’s forgiveness 69
Sign of Allah’s love for His slave 71
among the Muslims 73
an insolvent 74
Merit of love for the sake of Allah 75
at the death of one’s son or a brother..77
Superiority of spending on good works and enjoining that 81
Nothing but sand can satisfy fully the belly of Son of Adam 83
Superiority of making ablution at night (i.e. praying) 84
Superiority of supplication at night 85
Our Lord عز وجل wonders at two men 86
Superiority of Voluntary prayers 87
Merits of raising the (Adhan) prayer-call 88
Superiority of Fajr and Asr Prayers 89
(Evening) prayer to ‘IsM (Night) prayer 90
Superiority of performance offour Rak’at at the forenoon 91
Superiority of La haula wa fa quwwata illa Billdh 92
Superiority of asking forgiveness by a son for his parents 92
Punishment of the one who alters in religion after the
If neighbours witness that the dead was pious
“Whether you disclose what is in your minds or conceal,
Superiority of the Day of’Arafah when the Lord عز وجل
Hazardousness of claim to the Pre-Islamic Period
Satan’s provision (sustenance) 93
The first creation of Allah 94
Superiority of saying: peace be upon the Prophet 94
Inducement of good and Prohibition of evil 95
Superiority of Sural Al-Fdtiha (the Opening Surah) 96
Sin of breaking ties with the relatives 98
Injustice is forbidden 99
Portraying animateness is Forbidden 101
Punishment of those who quarrel with one another 102
Superiority of the Followers of Muhammad (PBUH) 103
death of the Prophet (PBUH) 106
The Upper Hand is better than the Lower 108
Allah’s Endowment upon Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) 109
Allah forgives him 109
The Plague Reward III
The Worst Places 112
The Kauthar 113
Superiority of the Words   لا  إله إلا الله
Allah will reckon you accordingly”. . 116
becomes proud of the pilgrims 120
Superiority of Fasting (Saum) 122
Origin of writing and making witnesses 124
The story of Musa and the Angel of Death 125
Allah’s Grace on His Prophet Ayub (Job) (A.S) 126
Hazardousness of claim to the Pre-Islamic Period ignorance 127


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