The Etiquettes Of Marriage & Wedding

The Etiquettes Of Marriage & Wedding

Shaykh Naseeruddin Albanii | Language: English | Format: PDF | Pages: 33 | Size: 1 MB
There are in Islam, certain etiquettes upon anyone who marries and wishes to consummate his marriage with his wife. Most Muslims today, even those who exert themselves in Islamic worship, have either neglected or become totally ignorant of these Islamic etiquettes. Therefore, I decided to write this beneficial treatise clearly explaining these issues on the occasion of marriage of someone dear to me. I hope that it will be an aid to him and to other believing brothers in carrying out what the Chief of the Messengers has ordained on the authority of the Lord of the Worlds. I have followed that by pointing out certain issues important to every one who marries, and with which many wives in particular have been tested.

Table of Contents

1. The Author’s introduction
2. Kindness toward you wife when you wish to enter into her
3. Placing your hand on your wife’s head and praying for her
4. The praying of husband and wife together
5. What to say at the time of making love
6. How he should come to her
7. The prohibition of sodomy
8. Making wudhuu’ between two acts with one’s wife
9. Bathing is perferable
10. The bathing of husband and wife together
11. Making wudhuu’ after sex and before sleeping
12. The ruling of this wudhuu’
13. Making tayammum in a state of janaba instead of wudhuu’
14. Bathing before sleeping is preferable
15. The prohibition of sex when she is menstruating
16. The penitence of one who has sex during menses
17. What is permissible when she is on her period
18. When it is allowed to resume sexual activity after menses
19. The lawfulness of coitus interruptus
20. It is preferable not to practise coitus interruptus
21. What the two spouses should intend with their marriage
22. What he should do the morning after his wedding night
23. The house must have a place for bathing
24. The prohibition of spreading bedroom secrets
25. The obligation of a wedding feast
26. The sunnah of a wedding feast
27. Wedding feasts can be given with other than meat
28. Participation of the wealthy in the feast with their wealth

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