Steps to Take when Becoming a Muslim

Steps to Take when Becoming a Muslim

Some people have the wrong idea that entering into Islam requires an announcement from the person in the presence of high ranking scholars or shaikhs or reporting this act to courts or other authorities. Some also think that when they accept Islam that they get a card or certifcate stating that they are now a Muslim.

If you have a real desire to be a Muslim and believe firmly that Islam is the true religion sent to us by Allah for all humans, then you should pronounce your shahada (testimony of faith) without further delay. There is no need to wait for anyone, Allah the Al-Mighty knows what is in your heart.

Allah says:

“The Religion in the sight of Allah is Islam.” (Qur’an 3:19)

 A Muslim is one who has committed himself (herself) to Allah, the one and only God.
A good Muslim is one who fulfills that committment, acts on the statement of his shahada.
A better Muslim is one who tries to improve their practice of Islam, who is not stagnate in his ways of worship, is always seeking knowledge of his religion and ways to improve his worship according to the Qur’an and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad, sallaAllahu alayhi wa salaam.

To become a Muslim you must testify AND believe:
“Ash-hadu anla elaha illa-Allah wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan rasul-Allah.”

It is important to say it in the Arabic language as it is written above.
The English translation is:
“I bear witness that there is no god (none truely to be worshipped) but Allah, and I bear witness that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.”

If you need help saying your shahada, or just want a Muslim to be there emotionally for you, please email me immediately at  I will be more than happy to help you make your shahada and offer any support I can by the will of Allah.

If you are truly sincere and comply with the teachings of Islam in all your life, you will find yourself as a new person. Once you embrace Islam, all your past ‘wrongs’ will be wiped out by Allah.

After you have said your shahada you must take a complete bath or shower. This is not a baptism session but it is for purification sake so that you can start praying. You should then pray and thank Allah for guiding you to Islam.
You should start to comply with the rules of Islam, giving up false beliefs.
As a Muslim, you have a requirement to love and be loyal to your Muslim Brothers and Sisters. Too many times cultural practices try to creep into Islam, don’t allow cultural practices of others to influence your beliefs. There are many Muslims all over the world who will help you in any way they can, please don’t deny them the reward from Allah by not accepting their help when they offer it.

The most important advice that we can personally give you is that it is required to learn and do your required prayers on time. Do not delay this. Prayer is the second pillar of Islam, the first pillar is the testimony of faith (shahada). It’s understandable that you are so excited  about being a Muslim and you want to start telling others about Islam, or learn to wear hijab, or change your name to a more Islamic name, or learn Arabic, etc. But you must learn to do your prayers, really it isn’t that difficult and if it is something you truely desire with your heart to do only for the pleasure of Allah, then Allah will help you. Prayer is the first thing you should learn as a Muslim, I just can’t stress this enough.

We live in a time where we think we can ‘do it all.’ We work to ‘fit things in’ but in reality, it is Allah who makes everything possible, without his will we can’t do anything. Doing our required prayers brings order to our lives, it gives us a break from the daily ‘rush’ and really gives us a deeper sense of living.

On the Last Day, the first thing we will be questioned about is our prayers, what will we say? No excuse will save us.


“I have to take the kids to day-care, go to work, after work I pick up the kids, fix dinner, spend a few minutes with the kids before bedtime, I can’t fit one prayer into my schedule, and you want me to do five?”

Unfortunately the above statement is all to common here in the U.S.A. Don’t think of prayer as something you need to ‘fit into’ your daily routine. Start to make Allah the focus of your entire day.  Schedule your life around your prayers, without Allah we wouldn’t have a job or kids or food to fix for dinner, we should pray to Him as He has told us.

We were put here to worship Allah, we owe Him everything, He isn’t in need of anything from us. But, he has told us that we must do certain things if we want to be among the believers on the Day of Judgement, one of those things is to pray five times daily.

Let us take an excellent example from the Last Prophet of Allah. Muhammad ibn Abdullah was a husband, a father, a statesman, a military leader, an advisor AND a prophet, yet not only did he have the time to make his prayers on time, he had time to do extra prayers, and to spend at least one-third of the night in prayer! What excuse do we have?


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