Azan / Adhan MP3 Downloads

Azan / Adhan MP3 Downloads

Azan / Adhan MP3 Downloads

13 thoughts on “Azan / Adhan MP3 Downloads

  1. Subhan Allah Alhadulillah Allah huakbar really very happy to listen beautiful azans of the world. Jazak Allahu khaira.

  2. Subhaan Allah…..Masha Allah Jazaakomullahu khaira wa ahsanal Jaz’ah may ALLAH grant you the goodness of both the worlds…..i was searching for Medinah and Makkah azaan and finally i got it here i took lots of benefits from this i was very fortunate and gkad to listen different azaans of different mosques of the world……..!!!!

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  4. Assalamu alaikum.
    Azan one of the best words in worlds for hear,think,speak,act and for victory
    a musalman from Al hind

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